Work in Joyland, Hobart, and The Offing. Winner of a PEN Prison Writing Award. Working on a novel. //

Nique Craft was a force to reckon with, making national headlines as a protester in Pittsburgh

Nique Craft, photo by the author

Interview from June 2020

Face to face, you’d be foolish to say Nique Craft looked vulnerable. You might wake up on the ground if you did.

Yet as a Black, nonbinary metalhead, there aren’t many people in this city more marginized; because of this, Nique has been at the forefront of the Pittsburgh protest…

It’s like a radio stuck between stations. Static and half-thoughts. I’m nervous all of the time. I can’t stop picking and chewing at my skin. Yesterday I hung something on a wall and spent hours thinking about the fact that I didn’t center it properly. I try to unwind with…

photo by the author ©MMXXI

How many pandemic novels do you think anyone actually finished? I would bet surprisingly few. Once it was clear I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while — that my job wasn’t reopening anytime soon and everything was shutting down— I knew for sure I’d finish my train hopping novel…

Eric Boyd

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